Addiction is Just The Tip of the Iceberg

If you’ve been suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol—or other addictions such as gambling, shopping, or eating—you may think that if you can just quit the substance or activity you’re abusing, everything will be all right; you’ll be able to find happiness and health once more. Unfortunately, this isn’t … Read More

How Do You Find the Rehab Facility That’s Right For You?

If you’re an addict contemplating treatment, or the loved one of an addict in need of treatment, the number of options for detox and rehabilitation facilities can be daunting. It’s a testament to greater awareness of the underlying problems surrounding addiction that there are so many options available today, which … Read More

Is Rehab the Solution for Alcoholism?

There are many different methods available to get clean if you have made the decision to treat your alcoholism. While typically people associate abuse of drugs, either prescription or illegal, with rehab, it’s important to remember that it is an option for treating alcohol abuse. There are multiple options to … Read More