How do you find out if a drug rehab offers a scholarship program?

It’s a fact that drug rehab is not cheap – especially if you do not have health insurance. Drug rehab facility fees are in the range of a thousand dollars per day – give or take a few hundred dollars. This can be a huge burden if you add it up over a standard stay, which is about 28 days. The ironic part of the cost of drug rehab is that those who typically need drug and alcohol treatment the most are usually without health insurance and do not have the ability to pay out of pocket either. It is possible however to receive a scholarship program to obtain free or discounted drug rehab services. Sometimes it is just a matter of putting in some time and effort to find out what your options are. If you have no money and no health insurance, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t receive the addiction treatment you need.

The truth is, most drug and alcohol rehab facilities are operating to make a profit. There are a few private, not for profit drug rehabs where you could possibly seek a scholarship but because there are so few of them, there are not an abundance of scholarships. Don’t just assume that all “for profit” drug treatment centers do not have alternative payment options because truthfully you would be surprised at how they will work with addicts and their families to get them the treatment they need – whether it is helping them to find an available scholarship or to put them into a payment arrangement.

What you will find in the industry is that many of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers are founded and even managed by others who are in recovery from addiction themselves. They completely understand their customers’ situations and they care about people getting the help they need. The administrators at these drug rehabs are often willing to work with those who do not immediately have the ability to pay for their treatment and that often happens in the form of a scholarship. Surprisingly, at any time, a drug rehab will sometimes have as many people staying there on scholarship as they do of other people who are paying out of pocket or with health insurance.

Free drug rehab or scholarships are not something you will see being advertised. If you truly want to find out if a scholarship exists for you for drug or alcohol treatment, you are going to have to ask different treatment centers in your area or speak with a referral service who can help you find an available program to suit your needs.

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