State Funded Drug Rehabs

There are several differences in a private rehab for drug and alcohol treatment versus state funded drug rehabs. One may think that a public rehab facility would be an easier or better choice, and in most cases, that is correct. Public rehabs are often state funded rehabs which are paid for by state government. This means that they are required to provide care to all those who need addiction treatment whether they are able to pay or not. Getting into one of the state funded drug rehabs may mean you have to be put on a waiting list, and especially if you do not have health insurance, the wait may even be longer. Many state funded drug rehabs also do not have an on-site supervised medical drug and alcohol detox. What this means is that you will not be provided with medicine to help with the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal in most cases. The level of care you receive in the state funded drug rehabs is not like a luxury drug rehab, but it does provide the addiction treatment necessary to get and stay sober.

In state funded drug rehabs, your drug treatment will consist of a lot of group therapy sessions, some individual counseling, and you will be in a very medical-like setting. The main difference between state funded drug rehabs and a private addiction treatment program is the amount of individualized treatment. A private drug or alcohol rehab facility is one that is “for-profit”, they cater to a higher income client, and their physician to client/therapist to client ratio is smaller.

What you should keep in mind is that seeking treatment, whether it is free in a state funded drug rehab, or in some other type of drug and alcohol treatment center, is better than no treatment at all. If your budget does not allow for a stay in a private drug and alcohol rehab center, you should seriously evaluate your options and choose the best state funded drug rehab center available to you.

If you are serious about seeking addiction treatment for yourself or for a loved one and you need to get into one of the state funded drug rehabs, ask around – to your doctor, or your local health department or your local NA or AA group to get the best addiction treatment program you can fit into your budget. You will be able to get clean, and likely move to a sober living arrangement and transition back to a normal life free from drugs and alcohol with some new coping skills, new friends, and a new outlook on life.

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