Rehabilitation in Sunny California

The state of California offers a variety of state of the art drug and alcohol addiction facilities with the latest treatment options and technology.  Professional staff members offer caring support to patients who are attempting to achieve sobriety and experiencing the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.  Substance abuse can be a devastating disorder and

Substance Abuse Counselors Treat Many Disorders

Substance abuse counselors diagnose and treat the emotional problems that are a result of a drug addiction. Drug addiction is usually accompanied by other co-occurring mental disorders that require dual diagnosis and treatment to be successful. Counselors are usually required to have at least a Master’s Degree to treat mental illnesses. They specialize in a

TreatmentUSA and HalfwayHouseUSA nearing 1000 unique visitors daily

Just wanted to let everyone know that it looks like we are on the right track for our mission to help as many people as possible. Each day we are getting closer to 1000 unique visitors. Currently I am seeing on the stats that there are just shy of 900 people each day. I still